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Auto Accident Injury

We Offer FREE Auto Accident Consultations!

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Auto accidents can be a very serious event for both individuals and their family. While some accidents necessitate obvious emergent medical care, the majority of accidents seem moderate to small enough that a great deal of victims go without proper evaluation to make certain they aren't injured in a way that might cause issues with pain and dysfunction down the road.

Unfortunately, most people feel completely lost when contending with any possibility of involvement with an insurance company claim. Consequently, many "throw their hands in the air" and simply quit any effort to make sure they are properly taken care of due to this perceived difficulty out of frustration.

In our office, we seek to help our patients understand the existance (if any) and/or degree of injury they might have. We also work responsibly to help patients understand how Insurance works and what their role is. We find the following questions to be very common with our auto accident patients:

  1. How severe are my injuries and what might be required to make me better?
  2. If I need care, who pays for it?
  3. What is a "Third-party" insurer and what is Med I have Med Pay?
  4. What types of care are covered my Insurance?
  5. How long do I have to file a claim for my injury? (Statute of Limitations)
  6. Will different Doctors and Health Care providers "work together" to get me better?
  7. Do you work with other Health care providers that might be able to help me?
  8. Do I have to "pay back" my insurance company? What is a "settlement"?

During your complimentary consultation, we will listen to your particular circumstances and help answer your questions. We will assess your case and give you our best opinion to help your decision-making ability. We are not attorneys and we do not give legal advice, however we find that the majority of people involved in auto accidents have no idea what to do. Therefore, we offer this service at no cost to you in order for more people to understand the level of their injuries, if care is appropriate, if referral is appropriate, if insurance might participate, etc.

If you already have x-rays, MRI's, and reports, please rememer to bring them to your consultation so that we can review these with you for no additional charge.