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Concussion and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

As there is often confusion about what a concussion or TBI is, how to address it, or how to attempt to prevent it, this information is offered freely as a place to begin. There are different resource categories as you scroll down the page. Resources can be opened and printed for use.

This page should be seen as an open resource to the public and does not facilitate a doctor-patient relationship. If you believe that yourself or a loved one has experienced a consussion or TBI, appropriate care should be sought.

  • Images used are with open-sharing permissions granted for use(Sources: CDC, BJSM,Muncha, Mayo Clinic, AAFP).
  • Links to 3rd party websites are for informational resources only and are in no way to be contrue as an endorsement.
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General Symptoms of Concussion and TBI

Tools for Parents, Athletes, and Family

We believe there is strong merit for the use of appropriate CBD use in Traumatic Brain Injury and Concussion.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy is becoming more commonplace for concussion and TBI.

Clinical Tools for Coaches and Providers

Helmet Fitting Guidelines( Proper Helmet for Most Sports)

Football Hemlets

Skateboard Helmets

Bicycle Helmets

Baseball/Softball Batter Helmets

Baseball/Softball Catcher Helmets

Ice Hockey Helmets

Hockey Goalie Helmets

Lacross Helmets

Equestrian Helmets

Skiers/Snowboarders Helmet

Another Great Resource