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Patient Testimonials

Please enjoy these video testimonials of Patients in our office. We appreciate them taking the time to share their experiences with all of you seeking the best healthcare provider for your needs!

These are ACTUAL PATIENTS currently in our office that have chosen to share their stories.

Video Topic: Testimonial on MS and Chiropractic

Sally with MS speaks with us about her care she's had with us since 2005

Video Topic: Cerebral Palsy and Chiropractic

Peter Shares his experiences with us regarding Chiropractic care and his daughter with CP

Video Topic: Low Back and Surgery and Chiropractic

Fauna Shares her story about Dr Moore Helping her to get the surgery she needed

Video Topic: Chiropractic Skeptic and Weight Loss

Marion Shares about her Low Back Pain and Chiropractic Skepticism

Video Topic: Doug's Testimonial

Doug Shares his story about his past Chiropractic Care and his Care here with us

Video Topic: Infertility and Chiropractic

Annette shares her experience with us about Pregnancy and her care

Video Topic: Family and Well-Baby Care

The Smith Family share their experiences with us since they were teenagers