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Laser Therapy

LLLT or low level laser light therapy has been an up and coming science in energy medicine for the past 70 to 80 years. It has now been highly perfected with this device that can administer the proper frequency and wavelength of "healthy tissues" as far as up to 5 inches into the body to treat the deeper tissues.

  • LLLT DOES NOT BURN... it is not OBLATIVE therapy, such as tattoo removal.
  • LLLT is designed to aid in the healing response of the body by helping to normalize unhealthy tissues.
  • LLLT is NOT DANGEROUS. The signals it emits are consistent with healthy human tissue and aid in stimulating as such.
  • Medical studies on various conditions that show an average of 90% success.

Please reference the Multi Radiance Medical website for your research needs. It has very valubale information on conditions and use of this device.