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Free No Obligation Consultations

Why do we do this?

Too many people feel lost when it comes to their health-care options and don't know where to start, much less whether or not Chiropractic Care is the best option for them. We give you 15 minutes of our time for FREE to listen to your case and give your our thoughts and guidance.

What can you expect during your consultation: During your consultation, we will review your case, including any xrays, MRI, or other testing you may have ( So bring them all), and speak to you regarding potential options. Dr Moore is compassionate, honest and will take time to explain to you the details of your issue. We are also connected to other Health Care Practitioners in the area, therefore if Chiropractic care is not your first viable option, we can likely get you referred to the appropriate place. We do this in an effort to help more people get the information they need to make an informed and educated decision regarding their health. We provide "options" not "orders."

Give us a call at (713) 300-1842 to schedule your Complimentary No Obligation Consultation.