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Functional Cranial Release/Nasal Specific

Functional Cranial Release, also known as Nasal Specific Technique, Endonasal Technique, Cranial Facial Release, Nasal Cranial Release, Bilateral Nasal Specific Technique, and Neurocranial Restructuring Nasal Specific Technique, is a structural technique to assist in adjusting the cranial bones. The spine has 24 moveable bones in the adult, the head and face have 22. The proper dynamic movement of all are absoultely vital to a healthy and fully functioning brain and nervous system.

The brain and nervous system is at the core of many health challenges we face. They control every aspect of the body's response to stress (Mental, Physical/Structural, Emotional), infections,and toxins. By balancing the Brain and Nervous system, you balance the entire body!

FUNCTIONAL CRANIAL RELEASE is the art and science of restoring normal brain and nervous system function by using Functional Neurology along with Neuro-Cranial Restructuring. This procedure helps to restore the following:

  • Improving oxygenation to the brain by improving air flow through the nasal passages.
  • Improving the normal cranial pumping mechanism, the primary respiratoy mechanism that facilitates normal cerebro-spinal fluid (CSF), keeping the central nervous system healthy.

Symptoms that may respond well to Functional Cranial Release/Nasal Specific Technique:

  • Concussion Effects
  • Facial pain, pressure, congestion
  • Vertigo/Balance problems
  • Snoring/Sleep apnea
  • Headaches
  • Seizures
  • Breathing problems
  • Nasal obstruction or blockage
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • Sinusitis
  • Neck pain
  • Ear problems

We utilize neurologic testing to assess for brain pathways that may be firing either too much or not enough. This is done primarily through the testing of visual (eye) pathways and vestibular (balance) pathways.

A series of Cranial Releases are generally applied, depending upon the individual, in order to help normalize tension on the tissues that surround the brain (Dura Mater). This is performed through the use of and endonasal balloon gently expanded near the sinus caverns.

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